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Our Services:

Our services include:

  • Real Estate Services: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Settlements and document preparation to include the sale or purchase of a home or business.
    • We underwrite through Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Visit them on the web at www.stewart.com.

    When you are buying a home, our trained staff will:

    • Help you understand the purchase contract, including how you will take title on the property.
    • Check that there are no covenants, easements, liens, etc. registered against the property that will impede your use of it.
    • Prepare and register all the legal documents.
    • Clarify the terms of the mortgage and work with your bank, if necessary, to modify them.
    • Scrutinize the adjustments, including taxes owing and utilities costs paid, prior to the transaction closing.
    • Attend the closing and review all the papers you will be required to sign.
    • Arrange title insurance protection to protect you from losses due to title defects.
    • Ensure you receive a valid registered ownership subject only to the liabilities you have accepted.

    When you are selling a home, our trained staff will:

    • Review the binder and review or prepare the purchase and sale agreement, including negotiating its terms.
    • Prepare the deed and power of attorney if necessary.
    • Deal with title issues as they arise and help correct them.
    • Attend the closing and review all the papers you will be required to sign.
    • Arrange for transfer of security deposits.
    • Arrange for insurance certificates if needed

  • Estate Planning: For individuals and families, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and transfer planning for their estates.

When you are planning your estate, our trained staff will:

  • Prepare a legally complete Property Power of Attorney
  • Plan to reduce or eliminate estate tax
  • Prepare a Will, and help manage the probate process with or without a Will
  • Establish a Living Trust to avoid probate and allow for management of assets in case of incapacity
  • Help avoid guardianship of the estate for minors or incapacitated persons
  • Pass property to your loved ones in the manner you wish
  • Ensure your property is appropriately protected from your inheritors' creditors and predators
  • Assist in putting your brokerage accounts, retirement plans, insurance policies, business and partnership interests, debt and personal property into trusts or business entities
  • Create irrevocable Trusts or other special types of Trusts
  • Small Business Law: Consultation services for starting a business and keeping it running smoothly.

When you are planning to start your small business, our trained staff will:

  • Help you to choose the right entity for your business to determine what type of small business is right for you
  • Advise and establish professional practices including corporate structures and procedures
  • Assist in creating partnership and dissolution agreements
  • Establish and determine owners’ percentages, rights and how profits are distributed
  • discuss tax planning strategies
  • Provide Registered Agent Services
  • Advise how using a small business can be an asset protection device

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